Sunday, 8 April 2012

Petrel Build #10 - Sanding and Fairing

I began the fairing way back before Christmas but then the build went on hold for a good few months.  I ordered the fiberglass and today finished the sanding.  It was nice enough to move the boat outside in better light and get some decent photo of the whole boat. 
I'm pleased with the outcome of the sanding.  It has opened up a few of the strips and requires a little filling with some 'dookie schmutz'.
First I scraped the entire boat with a heavy duty paint scraper, then plained and finally sanded with a random orbital sander using 80,120,180 grit sand paper.  I started with 40 grit on the hull as I manged to rip some of the strips with the plane.

The next stage will be to roll on a thin under coat of epoxy resin before laying on the fiberglass.  To do this I'm using 130g plain weave fiberglass.  Then it's flip the boat open and start on the inside, this way the separated deck and hull parts will be rigid enough to plain and sand.   


Taran Tyla said...

Looking Good ;D

Douglas Wilcox said...

That looks stunning :o)

Anonymous said...

That is a thing of beauty...

If it doesn't float, you can oput it up on the wall as an art work... :)

Rhys from Aus.

Stuart said...

Thanks all, I'm well happy with it so far.